Volunteer Opportunity:Stream & River Pollution Reporting Campaign: Photo & Promo Team |Sept 26-Oct 20

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Volunteer Description:

We are looking for volunteers in Ontario who are willing and able to help us build user created content for our upcoming Streams and Rivers Pollution Reporting Campaign. All we need you to do is use your cellphone to snap some shots of your nearby rivers and streams. Who doesn’t want an excuse to enjoy our rivers and streams right? 

As volunteers with our campaign you will also be the first to give it a spin before anyone else. 

When we launch we will count on you, our early adopters, to help us promote the campaign to our wider network. 

Think of yourself as pollution reporting street team member!


Step 1:

Create Content: 
The first and most important thing we need from you is photos of a stream or river you pass regularly. Our hope is that these pictures to be taken from the same location on different days. Our goal is to use these photos to show the daily changes to rivers and streams and help educate the public about what is normal and what is pollution. Your photos will be used to inspire the public to take an active role in protecting their streams and rivers. 

All your photos will be credited to you. 

Step 2:

Test it out: The Beta Test: 
Once the campaign is ready to go you will be our beta testers. We will send you the private link to the campaign and get your feedback and how to improve it before we officially launch the campaign. 

Step 3: 

Promote and Share it: 
Finally when the campaign launches publicly we will call on you to promote it to your community on social media. 

Volunteer Commitment Time Frame: 
Wednesday September 26 - Friday October 20th. 

About the Campaign: 

This fall we are excited to put together a Streams and Rivers Pollution Reporting Campaign. This campaign will inspire our followers to document the conditions in their nearby streams and rivers so that when pollution happens it can be quickly addressed and polluters can be prosecuted. We hope that this changes the way we relate to our waterways and put an end to illegal pollution. But first we need your help! 

Together we can help our watershed for generations to come! 

Sign Up:

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Other Information:

Duration: Project with End Date
Project Ends: Oct 20, 2017
Estimated Number of Hours: 1 - 4 hours
Required Skills: 

  1. Live or work by a stream or river in Ontario.
  2. Ability to take and share photos of your stream or river. Collected and shared photos will be shared throughout the Great Lakes Challenge pollution reporting campaign. (photo credits will be given)  
  3. Willing to be notified for participation when campaign launches