Project Summary

  • Volunteer-led sampling to collect baseline water quality information;

  • Commission expert reports to identify source of contamination and possible solutions;

  • Engage the community to press for solutions for improved water quality and access.


Working alongside members of the local community, our sampling program will monitor the water quality of four recreation access points.  We will work with experts to propose solutions to restore swimmable, drinkable, fishable future in these areas.

This summer we began monitoring Breakwater Park ahead of the opening of the redevelopment. 

We have also identified three other recreational water use areas that are candidates for restoration; Brant Beach in Burlington, a paddling zone in the Toronto Harbour, and Wellington Beach in Prince Edward County. These locations all have poor water quality records, they are located near areas that are otherwise clean (in other words, the cause of the problem is a specific, ongoing source of pollution), and they serve a community of water users who have been asking for - and not receiving - help to solve the problem.

Together we will work for find solutions to restore a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Great Lakes for everyone. 


Breakwater Park
Wellington Beach
Toronto Harbour
Brant Beach