Project Summary

  • Second Creek is a tributary of the Credit River in Halton Hills, just west of Toronto. 
  • Our project will complete the restoration of the 3rd of three ponds that was dammed years ago (Muskrat Pond).
  • Funds from the Great Lakes Challenge will contribute directly to dam removal and creek restoration costs. 
  • This will create almost 9,000 m² of shoreline habitat and reconnect 2.5-kilometres of stream to the Credit River.
  • This will help river fish such as Brook Trout and migratory fish from Lake Ontario such as Atlantic Salmon thrive.


This project will restore the natural flow of the Second Creek and remove barriers to native fish like Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon. This is our chance to promote the growth of native flora and fauna while protecting the area from more extreme weather expected with climate change.

Throughout the years our ideas about conservation have varied greatly. Terra Cotta Conservation Area is a great example of these extreme variations. The Award Wetland in Terra Cotta was formerly the home of a concrete chlorinated swimming pool while Spring Pond and Muskrat Pond - the current site of our restoration - were the result of intentional damming with the goal of creating small ponds visitors could enjoy with a skiff and a parasol.

Since that time our knowledge of conservation has expanded. The true benefits of ecosystem balance have finally been appreciated. Returning the flowing water to Second Creek will have a cascading effect to the surrounding eco-system.