Project Summary

Challenge: Restore free flow to Copeland Creek near The Great Trail, demonstrating the large-scale benefits of small-scale infrastructure improvements.  

  • Remove invasive species from the project area.

  • Remove the aging culvert under Bridge 5 on the Tiny Township segment of The Great Trail.

  • Plant vegetation to control erosion along Copeland Creek.


The Great Trail (formerly the TransCanada Trail) is the longest trail in the country, stretching from coast-to-coast-to-coast. In Ontario, The Great Trail travels through the Township of Tiny where it crosses Copeland Creek.

Along this section of the Trail, an antiquated culvert funnels the creek underneath a bridge, preventing natural flow. Replacing this culvert would mitigate upstream flooding created by the culvert.

With support from The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, this Great Lakes Challenge project creates four benefits: it proves a culvert replacement can transform a watershed; the project teaches site visitors about Great Lakes restoration; it improves downstream habitat where Copeland Creek flows into Severn Sound; and, it demonstrates how recreational areas can embrace restoration.